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Are there organizations for nursing professions in Germany?

A professional association is a free and independent interest group whose members are members of the same profession or closely related professions. The aim of this is to be able to better assert the interests of many workers in the field of nursing vis-à-vis employers or the public by pooling them.
Professional associations have the task of representing the interests of their members with regard to the content of the profession, i.e. with regard to the meaning and manner of practicing the nursing profession and in the economic, social and societal sense. Are you looking for advice on legal issues, for example? Then a professional association could be of help.

In Germany, there are a large number of professional and specialist associations for the occupational field of nursing. You can find some selected professional associations for nursing professions here:
Deutscher Pflegerat e.V.: https://deutscher-pflegerat.de/
German professional association for nursing professions: https://www.dbfk.de/de/index.php
German Association for Specialized Nursing and Functional Services e. V.: https://www.dgf-online.de/
German professional association for geriatric nursing e.V.: http://www.dbva.de/
Association of Sisterhoods of the German Red Cross e.V.: https://www.rotkreuzschwestern.de/