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Can I take my pet to Germany?

Bringing pets to Germany is very complicated and is strictly regulated by the EU Commission and also by the German customs. Here you can find more information: https://www.zoll.de/EN/Private-individuals/Travel/Entering-Germany/Restrictions/Animals-and-plants-products-containing-animal-or-vegetable-substance/Protection-against-animal-diseases/Provisions-on-the-import-of-pet-animals/provisions-on-the-import-of-pet-animals_node.html Among other things, it is required that the animal has a tattoo and a microchip approved in the EU. It must also have a proven rabies vaccination and a current blood test. This must be carried out in part in a laboratory approved by the EU. Here are also some deadlines to be observed. In addition, the animal needs a passport or a veterinary certificate. The owner must also carry a written declaration and declare the entry. If any requirements are not met, the animal can be sent back, quarantined and in the worst case even euthanized! You should keep in mind that travel is very stressful and traumatizing for an animal. Especially when traveling by plane, animals are often loaded together with the luggage. Each airline has its own rules, which you should read in advance. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for animals to get lost or die during air travel. In addition, you have to consider whether the keeping of pets is allowed at all in your apartment in Germany. Sometimes this is already stated in the rental contract - but you should definitely ask your landlord about this to avoid problems.