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Do I have to do an apprenticeship or study again in Germany?

No, you do not have to do any further training or study. In order to be accepted into our program, you must meet certain requirements (see "What requirements do I have to meet for recognition?"). With these prerequisites, your education is eligible for recognition in Germany.

In order for your diploma to be recognized in Germany and for you to be able to work as a registered nurse in Germany, your foreign diploma will be recognized. During the first 3 to 4 months in Germany you will continue to learn German and at the same time your employer will prepare you for the professional examination that you will need for the recognition of your qualification.

In total, the preparation course lasts about 6 months. The knowledge test takes place in a health and nursing school and consists of two parts.

In the oral part, your theoretical knowledge of nursing in Germany is tested. In the practical part you will learn how to work on a hospital ward and how to care for a maximum of 4 patients. All tests are in German language. If you pass the knowledge test, you will receive your certificate as a registered nurse in Germany.

We will actively support you in this process so that you can successfully pass the exam.

It is also possible to obtain recognition in Germany through an adaptation course, but we do not offer this in our program.