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How many hours do you work in Germany?

In nursing, you work an average of 40 hours per week, 5-6 days per week. This usually takes place in a 3-shift system (early shift, late shift, night shift). In many hospitals it is common to be on duty 2 weekends a month. Extra hours are unfortunately not uncommon due to the shortage of nurses in Germany. However, double shifts are rather rare.

For extra hours, rest periods and work on weekends, holidays and in the night shift, the Working Hours Act defines the framework conditions. Important points of this include:

- The daily working time can be increased to 10 hours if necessary, if the average working time in a 6-month period is nevertheless 8 hours.

- If you work 6-9 hours, you get a 30-minute break. If you work more than 9 hours, you get a 45-minute break.

- There must be a rest period of at least 9 hours between two shifts. However, due to on-call duty in hospitals, this time can also be shortened - but this must be compensated for by other times.