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How much does a nurse earn in Germany?

As soon as you have convinced an employer of your merits in an interview, you will receive your German employment contract in your home country, in which the salary is specified. Salaries can vary depending on the federal state, city (big city/small town) and hospital size. Until your foreign degree is recognized in Germany, you will be employed by the hospital as a nursing assistant. After that, you will receive a contract as a nursing specialist.

On the website www.gehalt.de you can see the average salaries for nurses in different cities and states:

- As a nursing assistant, i.e. before your recognition, the monthly gross salary is usually between 1,871 € and 2.844 € (https://www.gehalt.de/einkommen/search?searchtext=Pflegehelfer&location=)

- as a recognized nursing professional the salary is mostly between 2.412 € and 3.253 € (https://www.gehalt.de/einkommen/search?searchtext=Krankenschwester%2C+nurse&location=)

In some hospitals (not all!) you are paid according to the collective agreement, i.e. there are fixed salary structures for certain job profiles and work experience.


As a nursing assistant, you are usually classified in pay group P5 or P6, depending on your experience, and receive the gross monthly salary indicated in the table for a full-time contract. After you have been recognized as a nursing professional, you will be classified in pay group P7. As your professional experience increases, so does your salary (step 1-6).