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How secure is my job in Germany?

Nursing staff is urgently needed in Germany. Employers are therefore usually very happy when they have found a good foreign nurse. Since they have often been waiting for you for a long time and have invested a lot of money in your travel and recognition, they would like to employ you for a long time. If your employer wants to terminate your employment at some point, he must comply with the legal notice periods. As long as you are still in the probationary period, this is 2 weeks. After that, the notice period for employers increases the longer you work there:

under 2 years - 4 weeks (28 days)
from 2 years - 1 month
from 5 years - 2 months
from 8 years - 3 months
from 10 years - 4 months
from 12 years - 5 months
from 15 years - 6 months
from 20 years - 7 months

The monthly periods apply in each case "to the end of the month". This means that the termination date must be the end of a calendar month and, in addition, the notice period must be at least 1 month. However, if your employment contract does not specify a different period, you as an employee can terminate your employment at any time with a 4-week notice period to the end of the month.