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What are the requirements for the professional recognition?

The basic requirement for recognition is a bachelor's degree in nursing with a diploma and professional qualification as well as German language skills at the B2 level (for Educaro, B1 is achieved in the home country and B2 is then achieved in Germany). In Germany, professional recognition is carried out on a federal level by the respective regional councils of the federal states. Each federal state has slightly different requirements for the documents that have to be submitted.

(For more information: https://www.make-it-in-germany.com/en/working-in-germany/professions-in-demand/nursing)

After the examination of your degree, the respective authority determines either an equivalence (very rarely the case) or a deficit (mostly) between your degree and a "German" degree. In case of a deficit, this can be compensated by an adaptation course or by taking a knowledge test. At Educaro we prepare all our candidates in Germany for the knowledge test.