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What do you do as a nurse in Germany?

There are different work areas for nurses, including nursing, pediatric nursing, geriatric nursing, intensive care, and surgery.

The areas mentioned are carried out in different nursing care areas, namely inpatient acute care (e.g. hospital), inpatient long-term care (e.g. nursing home) and outpatient care (e.g. care at home).

As a nurse, you provide care and support to people at every stage of life. The various tasks in the nursing field include, but are not limited to:
- independent observation, consultation, care and nursing of patients
- Documentation and evaluation of nursing measures
- Carrying out medical orders
- Assistance with medical measures

Basic nursing activities, i.e. personal hygiene, nutrition, mobility, prevention (prophylaxis), the promotion of independence and communication, are of great importance in Germany and are performed not only by nursing assistants but also by nursing specialists.