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What happens if I have to see a doctor or need medication in Germany?

Educaro takes out a statutory health insurance for you, which is valid from entry. This is a mandatory part of the social security system in Germany. The contribution for the health insurance is automatically deducted from your salary. You will receive a health insurance card by mail after your arrival, which you must show at every doctor's visit. Most of your health costs will be covered by the health insurance. The doctor's office will consult directly with your health insurance company, so you do not need to worry about this. If you receive prescriptions for medication, you can buy them at a pharmacy. The health insurance does not always cover the costs for this - but it often pays a part of it. For many medications, you need a prescription from a doctor in Germany to buy them at the pharmacy. Other medications, such as headache pills, can be bought at the pharmacy without a prescription. The staff at the pharmacy are well trained and can advise you on this.