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What is stated in a German employment contract?

The employment contract is the legal foundation for an employment relationship within Germany. It defines the rights of employees and their obligations towards the employer. In terms of content, you should be sure to obtain the following information before concluding the contract, if it is not mentioned in the employment contract:
- Names of the contractual partners (of you and of the company)
- the start date of the contract and its duration
- information about the probationary period (if one is specified)
- the place of work
- if applicable, a job description, i.e. above all, what tasks you will be expected to perform
- information about the salary
- information about working hours, i.e. how many hours you will work per week
- vacation entitlement, i.e. how many days you can take per year
- Information about notice periods on both sides, i.e. how long you or the company must give notice in advance that the employment relationship is to be terminated. In Germany, there is a legally binding notice period of at least four weeks.
- However, it may be that you are employed through a collective bargaining agreement. In this case, this information is not in the individual employment contract, but in the collective agreement (e.g. AVR at Caritas).

Pay particular attention to so-called commitment and/or repayment clauses in your employment contract or other documents. These are special formulations that oblige you as an employee not to change your job for a certain period of time or to pay money back to your employer if you decide to do so. These should be reasonable and of course in accordance with German law. The hospitals Educaro works with usually provide a commitment for 3 years after recognition.